And the saga continues...

I am not good at naming my entries!

Pauline and I with our host mom!

This weekend was very eventful, I shall break it down:

On Thursday I finally caved and did my laundry. I brought all I had to a laundromat down my street (Rachel and Pauline came with me because the place looked a little sketchy). I put my laundry in the washer and the man told me to come back in 2 hours. When I did, my laundry was dried and folded neatly in a bag. I was so impressed that all of this was done for me and I (only) paid 7euros! Later that night, a bunch of us girls went to see another Spanish movie. Last time we went to a Spanish movie, we saw Ice Age 4. This was easy to watch because it was a movie for kids and we could easily catch what was being said. The movie we saw this time, though, was called Te Ganas De Ti. Apparently this movie is a sequel to another movie, but we didn't know that when we saw it. It was really difficult to understand but we all were able to absorb the plot and twists. All in all, the movie was random and depressing...regardless of this, though, I still want to watch the original. Hmm... After the movie, we tried to get pizza but it ended up being really expensive and there was a cockroach in the bathroom so we bailed. Instead we settled for McDonald's or Burger King...dinner of champions. At Burger King my friend Jessica and I got hats (!) and learned that beer is sold there!! Afterwards we went out to celebrate Pauline's last night :( It was bittersweet but very fun!
HATS with my friend Jessica

The rest of the weekend was very fun but relaxing. On Friday, a lot of people from the IU group went to Barcelona for the weekend. Rachel, our friend Samantha, her roomie Victoria, and I ended up having a very chill weekend and it was just what I needed. At night we hung out in a park and then got delicious burgers and fries at a hole in the wall diner. The next morning Pauline left at around 7am :( I tried to sleep in but it didn't really work and I was just sad most of the day about Pauline not being around. That night, though, Rachel, Samantha, Victoria and I went out again! This time we met up with grad students that Samantha was friends with. We went to a small hole in the wall bar and spoke Spanish the entire night :) There was also live music and it was very soothing. This was my kind of night; very chill, calm. I loved speaking Spanish the entire time and meeting new people. On Sunday the four of us met up again around noon to get churros con chocolate. This is a meal that needs to be brought back to the United States. Rachel and I studied together after lunch for our tests this week. The rest of the day was relatively calm.

 CHURROS! [Victoria, Samantha, & Rachel]

On Monday, Rachel and I studied all day for a test that we had today. It was fun to study in a relaxed way and I'm pretty sure the test was fine :)

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  1. That's the way to really learn a language...and do it while you're still young.