Estudia estudia!

I can't believe it's already Thursday!

I haven't had much to say in the past few days because I've been doing a lot of studying. I wanted to make sure I did well on my exam today!! (And I did, so don't worry) :)

Some random things that have been going on and that I have been noticing lately:

~ The amount of adorable small dogs is entirely overwhelming and awesome

~ My classes are very fun and informative. I feel like I am learning a lot, making new friends, and experiencing school in Spain

~ Paella is delicious. The other day we had it with crab meat.

~ Not having WiFi at my house is a blessing. If we had WiFi then I wouldn't have had as much time or motivation to really get to know my other roommates. Pauline and I decided we like it this way.

~ Spain is making me want to have a shopping problem. Everyone here is so fashionable. I cannot have this problem for 2 reasons: I am not made of money and I have no room in my suitcase!

~ The streets and sidewalks are always clean; there are men who drive silly machines to do this during the night. It is a great idea and a great feeling to walk down the streets in the heart of a city and know that they're clean.

~ Regardless of the above fact about clean streets, somehow our feet always end up extremely dirty. It's a mystery.

~ Upon first arriving here, it seemed as if EVERYTHING and EVERYONE here was so different from us. Now, though, it's obvious that the only major difference between the people who live here and the visitors is the language. Our interests and such seem to be similar. Obviously there are some culture differences, but in generally, we're all just coexisting people.

~ Pauline leaves for home on Saturday. I'm really sad about it because we've grown to be close and these 3 weeks have flown by. Tonight we may go to another movie in Spanish :)

~ I'm excited because this weekend everyone from the IU group (who Rachel came with) is either going to Andalucía or Barcelona. We're not, and we're excited to have a weekend where we just get to hang out, go souvenir shopping, and order telepizza!

~ Next weekend we are going to Paris! We'll be there from July 27 - July 29 and I'm trying to research neat things to do in a small amount of time on a small budget. Definitely on my list is the Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge. I researched how much a show/dinner would be at the Moulin Rouge and it's almost 150euros...crazy!

~ The buildings here are really pretty and the pace is very laid back and relaxed. I can see how it would be easy to live here.

~ Pauline and I have a new roommate from Paris and she is only 15!

~ Our señora has 2 birds. They live in a cage next to the dinner table and they are usually cute but occasionally they just make so much noise! Our other roommate Nikki, who just left last weekend, got the birds a going away present: bird seed on a stick. All week the birds have been terrified of it and would sit on the other side of the cage all puffed up. Finally, yesterday, they ate it! Silly birds.

Hopefully I will have more quality information to write after this weekend. :)

Look at this cat! GATITO :)


  1. Anonymous23.7.12

    Isn't it amazing what fashionistas the Spaniards are? They are incredible. And the French students that travel at such a young age .. also incredible. Me alegre mucho que todo esta bien, Katie!

  2. I've been to Paris several times on weekend excursions. From what I remember (this goes back to the mid-70s) on the top of my list is 1) the bird market behind Notre Dame cathedral; it's only open on Sunday mornings, 2) watching the crazy traffic circle from the top of the Arch de Triumphe (although actually driving around it is a real hoot), 3) the view of the city from the Sacre Couere, 4) sitting at a outdoor cafe at night in the area by the Moulin Rouge. BE VERY CAREFUL OF PICKPOCKETS!!! I caught a woman with her hand in my purse while traveling on the Metro. Of all the big cities in Europe that I've visited Paris to me is only second to Munich. Have fun!!!

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