Our weekend with Rick Steves

This past weekend I was able to visit Toledo and Segovia!

On Saturday, our small group of 8 went on an excursion to Toledo. It is located south of Salamanca and was very HOT. The town is smaller than Salamanca and known for it's beautiful cathedrals. We entered the city by walking over a giant bridge. We then went to a pretty cathedral and then a GORGEOUS cathedral. It was the size of 4 cathedrals and so extremely pretty. The detail is just incredible and we always find ourselves wondering how long it must have taken to do that and why things aren't that detailed anymore. Toledo is also known for having delicious mazapan, so of course we had to try it! It was definitely scrumptious :)

 Beautiful organ in the cathedral

Our group on the bridge

The next day, my 3 friends and I planned our own day trip to Segovia (south of Salamanca but north of Madrid). In Segovia there is an enormous castle which we were able to see, but the town is known for the presence of the Roman Aqueducts. The aqueducts are so grand in size that it is the focal part of the town. There is so much rich history here but the town is so simple and quiet. It ended up being a very nice day with perfect weather. We also ate mazapan cake because it is famous here. :)

 Pauline & I near the aqueduct
 Roman aqueduct
 Pauline & I in front of the castle
 Casually dancing with some armor
 Our group on the tower of the castle
Mazapan cake!


  1. Thanks for the tour of Segovia and Toledo. I love the aqueducts...really impressive. And I know why the cathedrals they build now are not as impressive. It's called money...or lack thereof.

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